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Quiz: St Patricks Day Trivia – 27 fun questions and answers

Welcome to our free St Patricks Day Quiz with 27 fun trivia questions and answers in total. The music can be played with your Spotify account – just click right here for the playlist. This holiday quiz St Patricks Day Trivia Quiz is for free and we hope you like it –Have a fun trivia! Click here for the answers to the quiz.

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Question 1

a) On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world with singing, dancing and green clothes. The holiday is also Ireland’s National Day and celebrations can last several days. From the beginning the holiday was a silent religious day, but at which decennium did the law changed so that the pubs were allowed to be open for celebrations of the holiday in Ireland?

b) The shamrock is a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. It was Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who made the shamrock popular when he chose to use it as a religious metaphor. What was the metaphor?

c) It was Saint Patrick who introduced Christianity in Ireland. The name Patrick came later, what was his birth name?

Question 2

a) A huge amount of the beer Guinness is consumed during the holiday festivities in Ireland. What does their logo represent?

b) What was Mr. Guinness’s first name?

c) Let’s check your knowledge about different beer brands. From which country are these five beer brands?

1. Heineken 2. Beck’s 3. Coors 4. Cobra 5. Stella Artois

Question 3

a) St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world. In which city is the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade?

b) In the city of Chicago, the Chicago River is colored green every year for the celebration. Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illionois but what is the name of the capital of the state?

c) The Chicago flag contains the colors blue, white and red. Chicago’s flag has a numbers of red stars in it. How many stars is it exactly?

St Patricks Day Quiz – MOVIES

Now we’re going to check your knowledge about movies with a common denominator; Ireland.

Question 4

a) The movie The Irishman premiered in September 2019. But only two months after its premiere, the movie was released on Netflix. The company Netflix began their streaming services in 2007, but what did Netflix offer their customers before that?

b) Who is the actor that plays the character of Frank “The Irishman”?

c) The director of the movie; Martin Scorsese did not win an Oscar for the Irishman he won in 2007 for another movie, which movie was that?

Question 5

a) The Irish movie; The Commitments tells the story of how the music-lover Jimmie Rabbitte creates the band The Commitments in Dublin. What year did the movie premiered?

b) In the movie there are four siblings who each have a minor role. The four siblings form a known Irish band in real life. Which?

c) 1991 was not only the year when the movie The Commitments premiered but also when the singer Ed Sheeran was born. Ed Sheeran´s popular song: I See Fire was selected for a movie, Which movie was that?

Question 6

a) Irish actor Pierce Brosnan has portrayed both Thomas Crown and James Bond. Pierce played the character 007 four times between 1995 and 2002. Name two of these four James Bond movie-titles.

b) What’s the name of the actor who plays James Bond in 2020?

c) Pierce Brosnan has also played one of Meryl Streep’s ex-boyfriend in the musical movie Mama Mia!, from which pop group does the music come from?

St Patricks Day Quiz – MUSIC

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the color green. Let´s find out what you know about music with the common denominator: Green.

Question 7

(Play the song Green Green Grass of Home from the list: St Patrick ́s Day – Max 0:45 sec.

a) What’s the name of this song?

b) The singer, Tom Jones, is from Wales. What is his well-known nickname?

c) What’s the name of the capital of Wales?

Question 8

(Play the song Green Eyes from the list: St Patrick ́s Day –

a) Here we heard the song Green Eyes, what is the name of the group?

b) What country were the group formed?

c) Green Eyes is the name of the song and speaking of eyes, what is it called when someone has different eye color? (one color in one eye and another in the other eye)

Question 9

(Play the song Basket Case from the list: St Patrick ́s Day –

a) What is the name of the American band that performs the song?

b) The band’s songs turned into a musical in 2009, the musical has the same name as one of the band’s songs. What is the name of the musical?

c) What is the name of the Theater District in New York that you can go and watch musicals?

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