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Superhero Quiz with 21 questions and answers

Welcome to our free Superhero Movie Quiz with 21 movie trivia questions in total. Challenge your friends with our Superhero Movie Quiz. With 21 trivia questions and answers about the famous characters from Marvel and DC Comics; Batman, Superman, Spiderman and many more – free quiz from Master of Quiz. We hope you like it, Good Luck!

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1. Batman

a) Billionaire Bruce Wayne devotes his life to fighting crime, but also revenge, after his parents are murdered. In what city do we find a masked Bruce Wayne?

b) Batman aka. Bruce Wayne lives at his mansion with his friend, butler and housekeeper Alfred Pennyworth. What is the name of the actor who plays Alfred in the movies: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises?

c) The American Comic Book publisher DC Comics created Batman back in 1939. What do the initials DC stand for?

2. Avengers

a) The superhero group Avengers’ first movie premiered in 2012 and the final movie Avengers: Endgame premiered in 2019. What’s the name of the other two movies in between?

b) In the final movie Avengers: Endgame, the superhero group gathers to make things right after the character Mad Titan’s destruction. What is the supervillain Mad Titan called in the Avengers movies with a different name?

c) In the movies, the superhero group often gathers at the espionage agency where Nick Fury is the boss. What’s the agency’s name?

3. Superman

a) The cartoon character Superman was first published in 1938. What’s the name of Superman’s alter ego?

b) Superman was born on an alien planet. What is the name of the planet?

c) Between 1993-1997, a television series was broadcasted in which we follow Superman and his love Lois Lane, who both work for the Daily Planet newspaper. What’s the name of the show?

Movie Quotes


In what Superhero Movie can we hear the quote:

“You either Die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”


In what Superhero Movie can we hear the quote:

“Now, I ́m about to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s”


What Superhero said:

“Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist.”

7. X-Men

a) The superhero group X-Men consists of a group of mutants trained by a rich Professor. What do they call the Professor?

b) One of the mutants is Wolverine aka Logan who has a special deadly weapon, his claws. How many claws does Wolverine have in total on his hands?

c) What is the name of the mutant that is both X-Men and especially the Professors enemy?

8. Spider-Man

a) In the comic book Amazing Fantasy you could read about Spider-Man back in 1962. And in 2002 the Superhero movie Spider-Man premiered with Tobey Maguire playing Spider-Man. What´s his name in the movie when he´s not Spider-Man?

b) What is the reason that Spider-Man’s parents are murdered?

c) Spider-Man was born in Queens. Queens is one of the five boroughs in New York, what’s the name of the other four?

9. Iron Man

a) In the 2008 Iron Man movie, we see the character Tony Stark injured after a kidnapping while giving a weapons presentation from his company.  in which he was to show off his company’s weapons to customers. What’s the name of Tony Starks company?

b) What is the name of the actor who plays Iron Man?

c) Iron man is not only a movie but also a triathlon competition. Which three events does the competition consist of?

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