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Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to Master of Quiz free Geography Trivia with 29 questions and answers in total. Gather your friends for a fun Trivia Night with a free Geography Trivia Questions and Answers – we hope you like it. Let´s Quiz!

AROUND THE WORLD – GEOGRAPHY TRIVIA with 29 questions and answers in total – LET´S QUIZ!

Question 1

a) The five largest countries in the world by population are China (1), India (2), The United States (3), Indonesia (4) and Pakistan (5). But how does the list look like if we look at the area instead?b) What are the capitals of the five largest countries (by population)?c) Which of the five largest countries (by population): China, India, USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, have the color red in their flag?

Questions 2

a) The world’s third largest city is Shangai based on inhabitants. Which cities are in first and second place?b) In 1974, in the city of Xi ́an in China, a “tomb” of thousands of full-scale clay models of soldates was found. What’s the find called?c) The tomb is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Unesco was founded in 1945 and is an abbreviation. What does the abbreviation stand for?

Question 3

a) One of the biggest tourist destinations in London is the Great Bell aka Big Ben. Big Ben was completed in 1859 and the tower where the clock hangs is almost 100 m (316 feet) high. Big Ben belongs to the building where we find Britain’s parliament, what’s the name of the building?b) About 20 km outside London we find Europe’s largest airport. What’s the name of the airport?c) If you fly to airports: DXB, LAX, ORY. In which cities do you end up?

Question 4

a) The capital of Austria was once called Vindobona. What is it called today?b) Here are three former names of other capitals; 1) Charles Towne 2) Stalinggrad 3) Keijo. What’s their name today?(c) The capital of Austria is located on the Danube River. Three more capitals are located on the river. Which three capitals are they?


Question 5

Which sea is the world’s deepest sea?

Question 6

What do you call the world’s largest desert?

Question 7

In what city do we find the district of Copacabana?

Question 8

Which country is the only country in the world that has a musical instrument on its coins?

Question 9

In which city do we find the world’s tallest building?

Question 10

(a) Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa. Egypt borders the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast. Which two countries border Egypt to the south and west?b) In Egypt’s capital Cairo, the world’s longest river flows. What’s the name of the river?c) The pyramids of Egypt were built thousands years ago and are a major tourist destination. One of Cairo’s largest pyramids has been called one of the wonders of the world. What’s it called?

Question 11

a) In the Italian capital Rome, a popular tourist destination is the great amphitheater. During the Roman Empire, both gladiatorial games and theatre were held here. What’s the name of the famous building?b) What do you get if you order Osso buco as a main course and gelato as a dessert in Italy?c) In Rome we find the world’s smallest independent state: the Vatican City State. There are only about 800 people living here, one of whom is the Pope. When it’s time to announce that a new pope has been elected, smoke comes out of the chimney. What color is it on the smoke?

Question 12

a) Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. There are two more capitals named the same as the country. Which two?b) What is the celebration called that are celebrated in Mexico every year on November 1 in honor of the dead?c) What´s the name of the currency in Mexico?

Question 14

a) In Russia we find Europe’s highest mountain, what is the name of the mountain?b) Russia is the first country in the world to send the first man into space. The year was 1961. What was the name of the astronaut?c) On December 26, 1991, the Soviet Union where dissolved and replaced by 15 independent states. Who was the last leader of the Soviet Union? ANSWERS TO GEOGRAPHY TRIVIA



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