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General Knowledge Quiz – 37 mixed questions

Welcome to our free General Knowledge Quiz with 37 mixed and fun general trivia questions. This is the perfect home edit pub quiz, so gather your friends and start quizzing! Click here for the answers to the quiz.

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Question 1

a) In 2020, one of the world’s best footballers, The Golden Boy: Maradona left us. What was his first name?

b) Maradona was born in the city of Lanús,  Argentina. In what year did Maradona, along with the national team, win the World Cup for Argentina and Maradona himself was named the tournament´s best player?

Question 2

a) After a long break, Jennifer Lopez is back with actor Ben Affleck. The two lovebirds have been given a jointly nickname, which nickname is that?

b) Other nicknames for famous celebrity couples are: TomKat and Brangelina. Who are the celebrities behind those nicknames?

Question 3

a) In what year were Martin Luther King assassinated at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee?

b) He received the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35, in what year was that?

Question 4

a) In 1998, it emerged that US President Bill Clinton has had a relationship with an intern. What was her name?

b) Many years later, the woman held a TED talk titled “The price of shame” seen by millions. What does TED stand for?

Question 5

a) What’s the name of the popular Netflix drama series where we get to follow the life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II?

b) What is the name of the United Kingdom national anthem?

Question 6

Many of us know these world-famous celebrities but from a different name. It can be a birth name or a pseudonym. Can you guess who?

a) Richard Bachman

b) Nicolas Coppola

c) David Robert Jones

d) Norma Jean Mortenson

e) Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Question 7

a) American actor Ashton Kutcher was born in 1978. His big break was his role in That 70s show where he acts with his current wife. What was his character’s name in the show and who is the actor he is married to?

b) In 2014, Ashton was the highest paid television actor ever for his role as Walden Schmidt. In what TV show?

Question 8

a) The 1988 Academy Award statuette for Best Picture went to the American movie Rain Man. The movie is about the brothers Charlie & Raymond Babbitt. Charlie Babbitt is played by Tom Cruise but what is the name of the actor who plays the autistic brother Raymond?

b) Which three women has Tom Cruise been married to?

Question 9

a) 1990 is the year of the release of South African politician Nelson Mandela. How many years did Mandela spend in prison?

b) Three years after prison, Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Which country did he go to for receiving and picking up the prize?  

General Knowledge Quiz with mixed trivia questions from Master of Quiz

Question 10

a) British actress Emma Watson is best known for her role as the best friend of Harry Potter. What’s her character’s name?

b) The Harry Potter books were written by J.K. Rowling. What do the initials J.K. stand for?

Question 11

a) Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California, US. What is the most famous nickname of the city?

b) Bel Air is a neighborhood in LA where the wealthiest people live. The district has also got a car model named after it, which brand manufactures the car?

Question 12

a) America´s most populous city with 8.2 million inhabitants is New York. New York consist of five districts, what are they?

b) What is the name of the island in New York that consists of a prison?

Question 13

a) This festival is celebrated in many countries but especially in India. It is known as the Festival of Lights. What is the festival called?

b) This celebration marks the end of Ramadan and you spend it with family and friends. What is the celebration called?

Question 14

a) In April 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral was hit by a heavy fire, causing parts of the roof and the spire to collapse. In what city do we find the cathedral?

b) Since 1991, the Cathedral has been classified as a World Heritage Site. By which organization, shortening is enough, have they received that rating?

Question 15

a) In June 2019, British Prime Minister Theresa May resigns because of the failure of the Brexit deal’s approval. Who took over in July 2019?

b) The address of Britain’s Prime Minister’s residence has been known since 1703. On which street and number can we find the residence?

Question 16

a) In the city of Augusta in Georgia we find the famous Golf course; Augusta National Golf Club. Every year there is a famous Golf Tournament played here, what is it called?

b) The winner gets a blazer in a special color, which one?

Question 17

a) What is the name of the American actor who plays the superhero Iron Man (and Tony Stark)?

b) Iron Man is not only a superhero in cinemas but also a famous race around the world. An Ironman consists of three parts to be completed in a maximum time to call himself an Ironman. What three parts does the race consist of and what distances is it per part?

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