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Answers to 90s Trivia Quiz

Question 1

a) During the 90 century, the first website is created on the Internet. HTTP is used to transmit Web pages on the WWW network. What does HTTP stand for?

Answer: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

b) What is known as the Centre for Computer & Electronics industry located in California, USA?

Answer: Silicon Valley

Question 2

a) 1991 the band Nirvana releases its successful album, one of the songs is Smells Like a Teen Spirit, which is the beginning of the grunge style. What was the album called?

Answer: Nevermind

b) The singer Curt Cobain took an overdose and died in the 90 ‘s, which year was that?

Answer: 1994

Question 3

a) The world’s first cloned was presented 1997. What was the name of the sheep that is named after a singer?

Answer: Dolly (from Dolly Parton)

b) What is the name of the sheep in the popular British animated TV-series?

(that premiered in 2007).

Answer: Shaun the Sheep

Question 4

a) In 1998 U.S. President Bill Clinton had an “relationship” with an intern in the White House, what was the name of the trainee?

Answer: Monica Lewinsky

b) Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary Clinton worked in the Obama Cabinet in 2009-2013, what was her post?

Answer: Minister for Foreign Affairs

Question 5

a) The British girl group Spice Girls was formed in the 90 ‘s. The group consisted of five members.Each member had a nickname, which was?

Answer: Sporty, Ginger, Scary, Posh  och Baby

b) What does C stand for in the name of Mel C?

Answer: Chisholm

90s music trivia

Question 6

(Play the intro of the song from the list: 90´s –

a) What is the name of the song?

Answer: Gettin Jiggy With It

b) In which sci-fi movie did the singer become the “Agent J”?

Answer: Men In Black

Question 7

(Play the intro of the song from the list: 90´s –

a) Who is the singer?

Answer: Christina Aguilera

b) The singer started in the Mickey Mouse Club along with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. With whom is Justin Timberlake married to (2021)?

Answer: Jessica Biel

Question 8

(Play the intro of the song from the list: 90´s –

a) Who is the singer?

Answer: Lou Bega

b) What country is he from?

Answer: Germany

90s movie trivia

Question 9

9 a) The movie Titanic won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1997. What are the names of the two actors in the leading roles?

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

9 b) Who directed the movie Titanic?

Answer: James Cameron

Question 10

10a) In 1999 a British romcom-movie with Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts premiers. What is the movie called?

Answer: Notting Hill

10 b) Julia Roberts plays a famous American actress, but what does Hugh Grant does for a living in the movie?

Answer: Book seller (works in an independent book store in Notting Hill)

Question 11

11 a) The movie Pulp Fiction hits the cinemas in 1994, directed by Quentin Tarantino. In the movie we can see Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta. But who is the woman in the leading role?

Answer: Uma Thurman

11 b) What is the name of the movie that Quentin Tarantino directed and premiered in Cannes Film Festival in May 2019 with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in it?

Answer: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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