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This is a three part quiz with 27 questions in total.

The music can be played with your Spotify account – just click right here for the playlist.

This Music Quiz with theme songs are for free and we hope you like it – Good Luck!

Part 1

(Play the intro of the song Beat It from the list: Music-MOQ.com)

1 a) This was Michael Jackson,what is the song called?

1 b) What was the name of the house he lived in where he also had an amusement park?

1 c)What year did Michael Jackson die?

(Play the intro of the song Paint it Black from the list: Music-MOQ.com)

2 a) What is the name of this band?

2 b) In which city was the band founded?

2 c) What is the name of the band’s singers, including title?

(Play the intro of the song Rock Your Body from the list: Music-MOQ.com)

3 a) What is the artist’s name?

3 b) What club did he start his career in?

3 c) What boyband was this singer a member of from 1995?

Let´s go to Part 2 of our free Music Quiz – Good Luck!