Scary HALLOWEEN QUIZ for free

Welcome to our scary (and free) Halloween Quiz!

This quiz is a three part quiz and has 28 questions in total. 

The music can be played with your Spotify account – just click right here for the playlist.

This scary Halloween Quiz is free and we hope you like it, Good Luck!

Part 1

1 a) Halloween is a holiday with costumes, pumpkins and trick and treats. What country is the largest pumpkin producer in the world?

1 b) The German model and tv-producer; Heidi Klum is one of many celebrities that goes ”all in” on Halloween. What was her green character for Halloween 2018?

1 c) Heidi Klum have been hosting a reality fashion tv-show for many years with Tim Gunn along her side. What is the name of the show?

2 a) The 1978 slasher movie; Halloween tells the story of the killer Michael Myers on the night of Halloween. In the movie we can see Michael stalking the girl Laurie Strode. Who plays Laurie in the movie?

2 b) The movie takes place in Illinois, USA. Illinois is one of the largest states in America, but which two is on number one and runner up?

2 c) What city is the the capital of Illinois?

3) Here is three Theme songs from three scary TV-series. Which TV-series have belongs to the songs?

(Play the music from the Halloween – MOQ.com)

3a) Play the song number 1. TV-series?

3b) Play the song number 2. TV-series?

3c) Play the song number 3. TV-series?

Let´s go to Part 2 of our free scary Halloween Quiz – Good Luck!