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This is a three part quiz with 29 questions in total.

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Part 1

(Play the song Circle of Life from the list: Musicals-MOQ.com)

1 a) From which musical is the music from?

1 b) What is the name of the meerkat and the warthog that raises Simba?

1 c) The musical premiered in Minneapolis in 1997. To which state does the city belong?

(Play the song My Favorite Things from the list: Musicals-MOQ.com)

2 a) This American musicals is from 1959. What is the name of the musical that takes place in the Alps?

2 b) What is the family name that the nanny Mary should take care of?

2 c) The movie adaption of the musical was made in 1965 and was a great success. What is the name of the female artist and actress who plays the nanny?

(Play the song One Night in Bangkok from the list: Musicals-MOQ.com)

3 a) The music comes from the musical Chess. What is the song called?

3 b) The musical Chess premiered in 1986, which two gentlemen wrote the music?

3 c) Chess is very popular game. The word chess derives from the Persian word Shah. What does Shah mean?

(Play the song Aquarius from the list: Musicals-MOQ.com)

4 a) The song Aquarius is the first song to be played in this flower power musical. What musical does it come from?

4 b) Which decade had the musical premiered?

4 c) The musical has also been redesigned to movie in 1979, who directed the film? The director has also directed the movies; ”One flew over the Cuckoo´s nest” and ”The Silence of the Lambs”.

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