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This is a three part quiz with 27 questions in total.

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Part 1

(Play the intro of the song Jolene from the list Country-MOQ.com)

1 a) What´s the singers name?

1 b) This American country-singer has starred in numbers of movies. What is the movie called from the 80 ’s where she plays Doralee Rhodes?

1 c) The Country-singer has also created her own amusement park, what is it called?

(Play the intro of the song In Another ́s Eyes from the list Country-MOQ.com)

2 a) What´s the singers name?

2 b) This singer is from the state of Oklahoma, what is the state capital?

2 c) The singer is married to another country-singer (who also sings in this song!), what is her name?

(Play the intro of the song Redneck Woman from the list Country-MOQ.com)

3 a) What´s the singers name?

3 b) This singer is born in the town of Pocahontas, in which state can we find Pocahontas?

3 c) The artist is born 1973, who was the President of the United States at that time?

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