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About Us

Welcome to our world of free quizzes!

We just love to quiz. Especially with friends and family.

We really hope that we can give you a fun and exciting game night (or day) with your friends & family.  We want you to team up, discuss, think and have FUN!

Master of Quiz offers free themed quizzes  that will approx. take about 30 min – 1 h, depending on how many participants or how many drinks are involved. 😉

QUIZ ON we say, all of the quizzes you find on this site is for free. But only for private use of course.

How to Quiz

Usually it´s one person that takes the role of being the moderator. The moderator will then read the questions out loud and all the participants will write down the answers on a piece of paper. That is one way to quiz.

In some of the quizzes (for example in the Christmas Music Quiz) there´s a ”First Come, First Served” part. Here you can choose to play the song until someone in the team stand up or raises his hand for example, then stop the music and require a response. If the answer is wrong, turn the song back on and let the other teams respond. In other words… GAME ON!

Good Luck and have fun!

ps. did you know that we have a site in swedish? Click here for quiza.nu

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