80´s QUIZ – events, music & movies from the 80´s

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This is a three part quiz with 24 questions in total.

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Part 1

1 a) On December 8 in 1980, John Lennon, a member of The Beatles, is shot dead in New York. The band consisted of four members, which were the other three?

1 b) In which city was the band formed in the 60 ’s?

1 c) There was a memorial for John Lennon in Central Park, part of that park was then given a name in honor of John Lennon’s memory, what is it called?

2 a) In the 80´s AIDS and HIV became widely known. What does HIV stand for?

2 b) Pink ribbon can be bought to contribute the research and support of breast cancer, there is a ribbon for HIV/Aids, what color does it have?

2 c) In a movie from 2013 with Matthew McConaughey, Matthew plays Ron Woodroof that helps people with the disease. What is the movie called?

3 a) A reactor accident occurs in Chernobyl, which year is this?

3 b) In what country can we find the city Chernobyl?

3 c) In 2019 the TV-series Chernobyl is premiered at HBO. What does HBO stand for?

4 a) Who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom throughout the 80?

4 b) What was the Prime Minister’s nickname? The nickname is also the title of a feature film by Meryl Streep who plays the prime minister.

4 c) Who is the prime Minister today? (2019)

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